Frequently Asked Questions

Accessible on any internet-enabled mobile device, laptop or PC, SKILLS ON TAP is a free, digital learning resource which helps you discover what you are good at, and what kind of jobs you could do with that skillset.

It is the UK's only employability-boosting digital learning resource for students which combines a skills audit tool with a searchable database of job profiles featuring placement students and recent graduates.

How can I use SKILLS ON TAP to improve my employability?
If you want to improve your employability, the best place to start is by filling in the skills audit. The skills audit is a reflective exercise which has been designed to help you find your skills and strengths, and identify areas for personal and professional development. Once you know where your strengths lie, as well as areas for improvement, you can then start to plan ways in which to boost your employability.

I am a student/graduate. Does it cost me anything to use SKILLS ON TAP?
No. It doesn't cost you anything to use our web app. It is free to carry out a skills audit, save a copy, and email it to yourself. You can also send a copy of the skills audit to someone else (e.g. your personal tutor or careers adviser). It is also free to use the searchable job profiles database, to look for work opportunities which match your skills and strengths. It is also free to download the employability-boosting resources from your account.

What mobile device do I have to use?
As SKILLS ON TAP is a digital learning resource which you can use on any mobile device – whatever the platform. You can use it on your mobile phone, your tablet, and also on a laptop or PC – as long as you have access to the internet. If you want, you can bookmark SKILLS ON TAP, and add it to your home screen. This makes it easier to access next time you want to update your skills audit, or explore work opportunities.

SKILLS ON TAP is accessible via the web address:

I am a university lecturer/educator/careers adviser. Can I use SKILLS ON TAP with my students and graduates? And do I need to pay a license fee?
SKILLS ON TAP is a free digital learning resouce for lecturers, educators, and careers advisers to use within the curriculum, or as part of their information, advice, and guidance work. If you are an educator, you could use it in your teaching, as an individual or group exercise during a lecture, or you could ask your students to use it during their independent study time. You could also use SKILLS ON TAP as part of a formal assessment, for example, when your students have to evaluate and reflect on their employability skills. Alternatively, you could use it with your students as a module evaluation exercise. If you work in a Careers Service or Employability Hub, you could use it in a one-to-one situation with your service users, when you are helping them analyse their employability skills, write CVs, and prepare for job interviews. SKILLS ON TAP is also an accessible tool for individuals to use when planning their personal and professional development – whatever the context.

I am a graduate employer, and I would like to feature in the SKILLS ON TAP job profiles database. What do I need to do?
Thank you for your interest! First of all, read our Become a Partner page. After that, get in touch with the SKILLS ON TAP team, and we will talk you through the next steps.

I am a student/graduate. Do you give my personal information to any your Partners or third parties?
No. All the information we collect from you is stored securely on a password-protected database. We do not give away, or sell, any of this information to third parties. Any information we collect from you is for our own data collection purposes, so we know who is using our digital learning resource. For further details, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

I have a question and some feedback for the SKILLS ON TAP team. What should I do?
If you have any questions or feedback about our digital learning resource, please contact us directly. We will respond to your message within 48 hours.