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Use our digital learning resource to discover what you are good at, and what kind of jobs you could do with that skillset.


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SKILLS ON TAP can help you...

Discover your skills and strengths

Use our free skills audit tool to evaluate your employability skills, innovative behaviour, and entrepreneurial mindset – graduate attributes valued highly by employers.

Improve your employability

Access employability-boosting learning resources via your account to build on your strengths, and develop real-world skills, behaviours, and mindsets.

Find relevant job profiles

Use our job profiles database to search for work experience, internships, and graduate jobs which match your skills and strengths.

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Use our digital learning resource to make the most of your time at university, and prepare for the real-world.


SKILLS ON TAP is currently being used by students and educators from 30 institutions and counting…

SKILLS ON TAP is a free, digital learning resource for students which presents the topic of employability in a fresh manner with a fun voice, helping students to feel positive about their future with a desire to thrive.

What makes SKILLS ON TAP different is that it has been created by an educator, has a user-centred design, and is easy-to-use on any mobile device in the classroom or at home.

It solves two problems which you may experience as a student:

“I don’t know what I’m good at!"
You will have probably suffered from writer’s block when applying for a job, writing your CV, or reflecting on your employability for an assignment. Our skills audit tool helps you identify and articulate which skills and strengths you have, and when you have applied them whilst studying, working, or volunteering. You can then use your skills audit results when writing your CV, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, and filling in your LinkedIn profile. You can also send the results to professionals you know, such as your personal tutor or careers adviser.

“I don’t know what to do next!"
If you don’t know what type of job you want to do after graduating, you won’t know which skills to develop, nor what type of work experience to gain, whilst at university. Our searchable job profiles database, featuring placement students and graduate employees, helps you discover work opportunities which match your skills and strengths. The good news is that in our job profiles database, you don’t need to search by job title - you can search by graduate attribute, subject area, preferred industry, or desired location. This way, you get to uncover a whole range of placement schemes and jobs you never knew existed!

Students and university staff can gain free, lifetime access to our digital learning resource by registering an account.

Graduate employers or recruitment agencies who would like to showcase their placement students and graduate employees in our job profiles database should visit our Become a Partner page.


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